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Technology Consulting & Digital Transformation

Delivering services in the IT & Telecommunication domains, with a critical focus on achieving operational excellence and business agility. A team of industry-experienced SMEs from Houlul plays a pivotal role to ensure quality deliverables.


Enterprise Architecture

Houlul team will work with the companies to develop and deploy Enterprise Architecture that optimizes the often-fragmented legacy of processes into an integrated environment that is responsive to change and supportive of the delivery of the business strategy. The team will deliver Enterprise Architecture with an integrated design that permits the closest possible synergies across the organization and beyond.

Asset Management

Houlul team will provide consultancy and lead the implementation with Houlul's partners to offer end-to-end Software Asset Management (SAM) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions to telecommunications service providers and other enterprise companies. It supports the management of the maintenance & operations of their network assets, Non-network Assets & Software Assets in their environment. We will provide consultancy & support to integrate with the mandatory solutions such as workforce management, financial management, resource inventory, customer care, self-care, business intelligence & analytics to these Asset Management solutions

Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Analytics

We unleash Automation & Artificial Intelligence to lead transformations and enable new ways to innovate. We will help the enterprise improve efficiency and productivity, empower employees, and strengthen customer relationships by Intelligent automation, like RPA (robotic process automation), natural language processing, virtual agents, and Self-learning processes.

Application Development & Management

Our offerings include end-to-end application development, maintenance, and management services and solutions that deliver measurable business value. By leveraging the Agile methodology, enterprises benefit from shortened development lifecycles and faster project completion. Our DevOps team supports the project with continuous enhancements and milestone measurement, thereby improving business performance.

eSIM, Network Intelligence, IOT solutions

Houlul team will provide consultancy and lead the implementation with Houlul's partners for the solution of eSIM (Consumer Devices, M2M).  Our team will provide consultancy and lead the implementation with Houlul's partners for the solution of Mobile Network Intelligence & Optimization and IOT solutions. Network intelligence solution that provides automation in classification, segmentation and resolution of network issues at different operational levels.

Telecom Digital OSS, BSS

Our Telecom OSS & BSS experts will provide consultancy and lead the implementation with Houlul's partners to achieve Digital OSS & BSS for the emerging telecom technologies. We will support consolidating, predicting, automating and strengthening with new OSS technologies. It includes introducing big data clustering techniques, service-oriented (Microservices) architecture, cloudification, real-time analytics and automation, zero-touch NOC/SOC using machine learning. Our team will lead the implementation with Houlul's partners to build a Digital BSS solution that supports a low-risk, step-by-step evolution to a digital world where 5G and IoT are its foundations.  analytics, OSS, and core to Digital BSS.

Business Development Services

Houlul team can support companies that need to expand & grow their business in the MENA region.  The Houlul team can make it happen for these companies within months and on a low budget. We put a highly professional team to become as good as their Business Development Department in the MENA region we serve.

We will work hand-in-hand with their sales and management team to lead the business development office by providing with:

​- Business and Strategy Consultation

- Engaging with prospects

- Representation of the company in the MENA region we serve

- Create presence and brand awareness

Our goal is to support these small & medium size companies to achieve sustainable growth, mindful of local customs, cultures and the legal, contractual environment in each country we serve in the MENA region.

Ready to Kickstart Your Digital Journey?

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